UTU is a fruitful collaboration of seven musicians with quite different backgrounds. In Finnish the name UTU means foggy weather above the sea. This word evokes UTU’s music very well. There are moments of raging seas but also of calm waters. 

UTU has released three albums, that have gotten excellent reviews:
Songs in Flesh Minor (2012)
Pieces of the Unknown (2016)

Russian Poets (2017)

Choirproject Susinartut

Susinartut is a performance where texts written by women who were in prisoner camps in Finnish civil war, are finally being heard. Those women were silenced, but are not anymore. This performance is moving inside and around the audience and gives a very special experience. 

Duo Hurme 

This is a folk duo with the most delicate and minimalist spices. It has got two voices that are weaved to each other as a magical twine. 


This is a trio that will surprise you in every turn! It is making a carnival out of your fear of death. It is more than a concert and you might get the chance to listen the songs lying in a coffin.

Examples of Theater works as a composer

2019  Making of Lea, KOM-teatteri

2018 Lemminkäinen, Kansallisteatteri

2016 Hirvimetsä, Radioteatteri 

         Sokeain kuunnelmapalkinto

2015 Taivaan tulet, Varkauden Teatteri

2015 Muuttomiehet. KOM-Teatteri

2015 Parsifal, trikkausspektaakkeli Tampere-Talo

2014 Europaeus, Suomen Kansallisteatteri

         Esitykselle myönnettiin Eino Kalima-palkinto 

2014-2017 Operaatio Paulaharju,

         Liikkuva erämaateatteri, useita piennäytelmiä

2012 Nummisuutarit, KUT

2012 Samurain Rakkaus, Tampereen ylioppilasteatteri

2012 Aamukansa, KUT

2010 Veljeni Leijonamieli, Törnävän kesäteatteri 

Picture: Mikko H. Huotari